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Personal Training at TalbotFit

We are delighted to announce that we are introducing Personal Training here at TalbotFit. Our trainers will deliver PERSONALISED programs just for you, based around the goals you wish to achieve. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, burn fat, improve mobility  or recover from an injury, we have a trainer for you.


Is Personal Training for you?

If you are somebody that is unfamiliar with the gym environment, lacks motivation and accountability, or is just looking for some structure; Personal Training is absolutely for you. 

You will learn how to optimize your results inside and outside of the gym, making training enjoyable and suiting your SPECIFIC lifestyle. You will learn to be the best version of yourself physically and mentally. 


What is the Process? 

You will start by having a detailed consultation with one of our trainers discussing your goals and what you would like to get out of the whole process. The Trainer will then go through a screening process to see what areas of the body are tight and weak. This gives the trainer a great insight into what exercises and structure will suit you.

The trainer will then give you feedback on your results and will discuss the type of program that will best suit you depending on your lifestyle and desired results.


Benefits of Personal Training

Think of Personal training as an investment in yourself. It will help you become a better more confident version of yourself. Having a trainer will teach you about making smart life choices, while at the same time enjoying yourself and having a social life. It’s all about making loads of small changes which will have a big effect.  These new changes will soon become habits, so the process will never seem stressful. 

Some of the benefits included are: 

• Personalized Plan

• Optimal Results

• Education

• Accountability

• Easily Motivated

• Improves Mental Health & Self Confidence

• Gives You Realistic Goals


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